Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul Korea

I just posted three exhibitions that we lent work too. Here is another exhibition at a beautiful museum in South Korea that we also lent works too. Bitforms was instrumental in colloborating with the Daelim Contemporary Art Museum. One of my former students, Young Min Peck, took pictures for us from the show. It is always exciting to think that we are able to share our appreciation with curious minds and art lovers around the world. I wish I were a fly on the wall and I could hear how people react to the works....

Cybernetic Sensibility
2006/10/26 ~ 2007/01/21
10:00 ~ 18:00
Ben Laposky, Tony Longson, Manfred Mohr, Frieder Nake, Edward Zajec, Vera Molnar, Tony Pritchett, Peter Vogel, Björn Schülke, R. Luke DuBois, Michael Joaquin Grey, James Paterson, C.E.B. Reas, Daniel Rozin, Golan Levin, Suzung Kim, Joon Seo Lee, Sato Yukie/Hyojung Seo/Seung Joon Choi/Hankil Ryu/Tae-Eun Kim/Sangtae Jin(Visual Concert)
Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, bitforms gallery
is the first media exhibition of Daelim Contemporary Art Museum. The exhibition where 19 Korean and foreign artists
are participating is succeeding the concept of , a historically important media exhibition held in London in 1968.
While where people from various fields of study such as scientists, composers, poets, philosophers, painters
 were participating introduced different genres into the domain of art through the mediation of computer, surveys
 the traces of various results produced during the process and provides prospects of the future of media art0. 
In the exhibition, the software being used as a tool of expression, the world of interactive, variations from originality,
and spontaneous creations made by orders and reactions of audiences are presented. Beyond playful entertainments
created just from the machine responses, this will bring about an understanding of the birth and developments of a
 new art genre among the general public. This exhibition will provide audiences with a chance to contemplate on the
 artistic use of computers through various forms of artworks, and the audiences will complete the artworks
 experiencing the new artistic sensibility. We are deeply grateful to those who lent works to the exhibition
 including bitforms gallery, the Spalters, and Tony Lonson. 

*Special Thanks to Anne and Michael Spalter collection

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